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Shox The Rebel GoFundMe

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Shox The Rebel GoFundMe

As you can probably guess, Shox’s life is a bit of a madness at the best of times....he doesn’t get a whole load of time to spend with him family as he’s grinding away so, when he got a chance to take his sons, daughter, and partner away for a week break, he naturally jumped at the opportunity.

After finally getting a chance to switch off for a week and relax a little the week was up and they began the journey home. What awaited them was possibly the most vile scene you could imagine.

Whilst they were away a sewage pipe had become blocked up and the pressure became so substantial that it backfired. The result was a block of flats worth of human excrement exploding out of their toilet, sink and various other cavities it had seeped its way through, covering Shox’s and his families belongings in, well, you get the picture.

Literally, their entire life has been destroyed. Everything this man has grafted for, every picture, memory, and belonging is gone. His daughters toys, her bed, clothes - ruined. I don't need to labour the point. It's all destroyed.

In typical fashion, his local council are dragging their heels. Their answer has been to put Shox into a Premier Inn for the last few weeks and put his partner and daughter elsewhere. There is no timescale on how long they have to be forced apart.

The council managed to put some dehumidifiers into his flat to try and dry it out (absolutely laughable) and are stupid enough to have turned his electric off so they’re not even switched on. Genius. The flat has been deemed uninhabitable and a safety hazard by environmental health, yet the council are trying to force Shox and family to move back in as quickly as possible.

All of the flats contents have been removed and placed into storage. The council would like to try to clean them instead of replacing at some point, but right now they don’t seem to care and have no urgency about them, so their life (still dripping with human waste) is just shoved in a storage unit somewhere.

Meanwhile, all of this is coming out of Shox’s pocket. He is not being covered financially and his debt is mounting.

It pains me to watch him dealing with this and hearing him talk to me about how his kids won’t have a Christmas this year isn’t okay. Seeing a friend in need suffer and struggle so much because of systemic failings that are totally out of his control is heartbreaking.

I'm hoping other people care enough to step in and work together to slightly improve the situation.

I am truly blessed to call Shox a friend. He is one of the most genuine and kind human beings walking this planet. I know he’s way too proud to ask for anyone's help, but I know the support you guys can help me give him will be humbling and he will be eternally thankful.

So, I want to put this out into the world. I know Shox has worked ridiculously hard to build the scene around him and he’s had an impact on a lot of people over the years, so I am hoping there are a bunch of people that can make a small impact on his life in return.

I’m setting the bar high. I am doing this because I know just how out of pocket he is right. This amount won’t cover what he has lost and what he needs to rebuild, but it will mean he can make a start AND it will give his 3 wonderful kids a Christmas this year, together as a family.

Ambi x

Donate/share/whatever you can...seems like a ridiculously fucked up situation, and I didn't see a thread about it yet.
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Would help if not poor hate when this shit happens hope they make it alright
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no renters/content insurance?
My gators cost too much to run from police
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well shit
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Glad to see the goal was exceeded here
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Shox is fire
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