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Thank u URL for inventing 2 on 2's

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SHOWTIME is better than Grind Time AustraliaSHOWTIME is better than Grind Time Australia
Thank u URL for inventing 2 on 2's

Wow... gotta say, URL really has outdone themselves.
First of all I wanna thank Ciroc and @hiphopisreal for all the support
Second of all wow. This card KILLED the first double impact. Yes,even tho there wasn't guntitles but this the NBA ALL STARS of battle rap.

Super fire event.

First battle of the day was rum nitty will vs nyb...

Debatable classic, fire rebuttals, crazy performance from both sides

Second battle was SWAVE SEVAH & MONEYBAGZ vs DMV

Let me say this battle was the most entertaining battle of all time !!!!!
First round on Homi was slowwwww as hell, but then DMV TURNED UP !!! Twork jumped in and it was pure fire !
So as this is going on, Jackboy had a disrespectful bar about PH (rest in peace ph, orange moon over New York a classic)

Pen jumps in, swave wants to knock jackboy out, if uncle smack ain't hold back Pen it wasn't gonna look good !!! But as all this is going on I see from my side of the stage rum nitty talkin to ill will..
So rum nitty is putting a mic on, o solo, rum nitty, all them jump in. The O Solo moment is top 5 battle rap moments of all time.
The end of DMV 3rd was SUPERRRR CRAZY !!!!!!

Next battle St. Louis vs BrizzTop
So hitman comes out and he's spitting, crowd showing him crazy love but it's a beatable round
Now they stop the round purposefully at 2 minutes. It seems like they only wrote 2 minutes worth of material cuz they already agreed on time.. also keep in mind Beasley came up to them and said "y'all cool with the time?"
So brizztop beats that round
St. Louis comes back round 2 and they let Verb rock... verb is cooking so much, we just paying attention to every bar.
That round is debatable.

By the 3rd round on St. Louis, they cut it at 2 mins and then hitman mouths to the crowd "verb messed up." He looked pissed as hell

But anyway ya this the real RECAP thread !! Everything was bananas !!!!

URL !!!!
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