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Music Who Told You That?

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Who Told You That?

this shit waaack, who told you that?
hard as a rock, who told you that?
her butt so big, takes two to tango
bite into this, juicy like mango
i pop a star, she - taking shots
i give you sound thousand watts
what are the odds, i have not drowned
i am undisputed yet i wear no crown
signature sound, Explode, underground
i am headed up i am Heaven bound
i got her moaning, Explore how Deep
i had her orgasm in her sleeeep*
awake within, i am in a dream state
my flow so thick, she wants to lick that
i pack a hit, spark my BIC UP, LIT IT!
melt into smoke before i kick it!

this shit waaack, who told you That?
hard as a rock, who told you that?
she so niiice, though you can't see that
hot like iiice, through smoke i see that
i am in her kitchen i am her chef
a recipe book up on a shelf
i talk to her as if i pray
i am her eagle, she is my prey
i want her eyes, i steal a look
i swim so Deep, she is on my hook
i made her Weep, she seemed to like that
i dream, i sleep, who told you that?
sex, water, smoke; sex, water, smoke...
open your mouth!? i make you choke
serious - business, funny? - a joke!
smoke green trees then do some coke!
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