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How Kotd killed battle rap

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Originally Posted by Cabbagetown View Post
Rebuttals are always better when it takes 2 tries to get there.

You should date a Kardashian... in that I hope every magazine is directed at you
It wasn't really a "rebuttal" more just mocking you being a weirdo.
Originally Posted by Kingpen View Post
if u were really tough you would go troll reddit
Originally Posted by Water Mage View Post
It's a fact that The Saurus didn't back down and let Pat Stay be the alpha male and all of that has a FACTUAL basis in primate psychology.
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MrMumbles905 is not the worst person
Originally Posted by LukeWaltonisGoat View Post
Let me start by saying S/O to Kotd its a great place for battlers to practice their craft until they're ready for "The Big League" TBH it's probably the best farm system in battle rap... Also Avo is the goat and has nothing to do with this

1. The way Organik calls time... For the most part I feel like they police the time limits well. But the way Organik pronounces the word "time" at the end of rounds is so not Hip Hop and makes the battles unwatchable

2. They consistently book Charron

3. Atmosphere is trash.. If you don't have Don Demarco the real battle rap culture looks at your league like a scrimmage.. The fact that they keep ppv'ing scrimmages is ruining the culture

4. This may be the biggest! Drake announced he would battle MOOK!!! And what did these Jealous assholes do.. they had Charron battle Pat.. That single battle alone is the reason the battle didn't go down

5. The battles are simply toooooo long.. you really expect me to spend 19 minutes of my life watching Ness Lee vs Madflex? And that's one of the shorter battles pretty sure the title match was over an hour

6. They make twisted moves to break up battle crews.. These guys literally paid for 100 Bulletz flight so he could go to Harlem and tell Rex lies about what Mook calling a "short chubby scrub" definitely has hurt the culture

7. This is probably the thing they've done that has hurt the culture the most TBH... THEY MADE BATTLE RAP LOOK LIKE A FUCKIN NERD SPORT!!! One specific battle too... When Charron had that angle at the beginning of his 2nd round vs Loe Pesci it CEMENTED battle rap as a dorky hobby for dorks... It officially died at the conclusion of that round
Wow you are weirdly obsessed with Charron for real

How much and why do you sit at home thinking about him so much lol
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Organik never calls time lol, that is such a weird point to make. He hasn't done that in years
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