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WRC 2007 Best of Rheteric - GOAT barz of all time

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Rusty Shackleford
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Rusty Shackleford is not the worst person

6.30 onwards, is the most ether ever. the way rhet shoves nocan out the way to end on the 'dick in your mouth to testosto-saurius' is never not funny
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Nano is a PY Poster
"you look like you're gonna die from eye-socket acne" holyyyyyyyy fuckkkkkk im dyinggggg
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Somebody tag lush
"You see what happens when you call me a has-been?
I emerge from the everglades, a renegade that put the 'bear' in barricade."
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Jack McCrack
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Imagine if Nocando had a partner like DFD gotta wonder if they couldve beat The Saurus/Illmac

honestly though The Saurus and Illmaculate was destined to happen its written somewhere in the lost dead sea scrolls of atlantis
R.I.P. Point Game
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barz, shrug

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