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@Pigsty wtf show yerself m8 nh
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had droppin tiers like choppin onions and get trains run on 'em like a damsel in distress. didn't have cave in your skull like an evil lair, though, that's excellent.

i think it goes random, pigsty and the 3rd was close to me, but i edged it to pigsty. first round pigsty was too choppy for me and didn't have as many quotables.

random was a nice, tighter package, although the quick breath before a new pattern gets a little bothersome to me, especially when the patterns are kind of their own little standalone verses. like it builds momentum for 4 bars and then a breath dives into a completely different 4-bar that flows way differently, killing momentum.

i like it better when u go on 'em longer or at least blend the "styles" on each better. nitpicky.

you style been *breath* breeezin alooong, enjoyin the breeeze on a beeeaaachh in a thong, but tell me are you cheeeech or you chooong? cuz you *breath* too-dang-stiff, the dude-aint-shit, my blue-flame-lit a bu-tane-wick while you draggin behind like liu-kangs-kicks... and if ya *breath*daaaad wanna tryyy then suit yourself, i sever faaaaamily tiiieeess, sitch up the faaaaaabric of tiiiime

second round def pigsty, he picked up flow and delivery and i appreciate the more aggressive battle shit moreso than really well written chill/brag/clever shit. and pigsty cooked as the kids say. randoms rd1 closer was tight.

rd3 real close, dont have time to re-watch. some stretches of filler shit from random imo and then into some great shit, love that rembrandt dutch master shit into the bigger scheme with "you don't deserve the closer" plus the flow is picking back up without slowing momentum.

"scribble jam, u wanna prove that you were here/ i'll give you a fuckin footprint in your chest as a souvenir" im sure u either aint heard it or forgot entirely, just typing it cuz its one of my fav lines ever

think tiers/onions coulda been setup or executed better. top the summit/drop and plummet is good. ramp it up was ill.

pigsty choose your own adventure was great. really loved kimura lock, humerus collector, necktie from peru, stu squeeze the juices from the nectar. wonder if he's another one of those gay mma guys u hate

sorry for late critique. really enjoyed this battle on both sides and dats rare for me.
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