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Battle RMBVA Chalked Out Presents: Prelec vs. LukeWaltonisGoat

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Prelec 5 19.23%
LukeWaltonisGoat 21 80.77%
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RMBVA Chalked Out Presents: Prelec vs. LukeWaltonisGoat


Before all of his battles dude makes threads to create buzz, real hypebeast/
And since he loves that snowball effect Imma roll up and throw him off a real high piste/


Look at him thinking hes so great man/
when they talk about the goat thinking hes to one they meant/
but when I told you that youre weird you pulled a black card against humanity - all your answers funny and dont make sense/


You said I'm on battleraps mount Rushmore, but Medusa never caught eye with me /
Yes Im a nice mc, thats why you put me on a sight to see while you only have a site to see/
Luke admires pre, Wants to take the same steps but his moves are too gentle/
Hes like the the home alone burglars - cuz this knob wants what Kevin has but its too hot to handle


This battle wont affect me pssh, Im writing this in my leftover time around ten over nine/
While you PMing me like Im well over lines! write some extra stuff for your verse I already send over mine!
But deal with me you get different combos everytime like a card deck/
Fuck your ride or die homies theyll end up in a car wreck/
arms stretched, you couldnt carry these bars with a hardhat/
My lines get high brows/browse like the dark web/
you get high brows cuz those bars WACK/


nah FUCK THAT, im saying FUCK LUKE and everyone on the site can see it/
Luke/look dont make sense - and you dont need sight to see it/
So treat the site like you wife and beat it, you said that after the battle youll quit/
Soooo if you dont really need the W then thats setteled - I win/


nah foreal youll win this battle, and I dont care who sees that/
But Oh well, at the end of the day, another battler begged for prelec/




Fuck it I'm gettin straight to it!

You told cultureboy "you be squirting the 9" you sound fuckin dumb
It's illegal for anyone to carry guns where the fuck you from
Don't speak on shit if you ain't seen it you fuckin bum, cause you just talkin bout guns nigga I done stood in front of one
I'm from a block where you can't be tuckin one if you afraid to bust yo gun
Miss ya first you won't get
a second shot... it's like a 1 and 1
My aim good I can leave after the first...
it's like I'm one and done
been blammin since Nick Cannon wit 2 sticks and a fuckin drum

But lost to Nick Vayne my nigga?!? Hahaha that just look bad
I don't wanna hear yo "smack rapper" angles that everybody gon look past
Cuz in our thread you said you was scared of a paintball gun witcha shook ass
Nigga imagine how scared you be walkin home from school wit 7 years in ya bookbag!!!
Free GP cause off that last bar he probably goin nuts, bro what up, bunch of young niggas and they loadin up, told em hotbox ya whip when they rollin up, yeah I know you caught it, it's nothin for them to smoke a Dutch

How you even get into rap in the first place... Nigga ain't you from the Netherlands?
Well my lil homie just sold me a mop nigga this shit hit you and you won't never land
This is might lightest shit I've ever spit cause nothin he said could hurt me
And somebody better tell Popjorn watch his mouth before I.....jersey
Originally Posted by ErikForeman View Post
scooby doo line was nice no lie

but con go line made a don demarco come out my speakers for no reason
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