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One Fan - Battle Rap (parody) Auditions

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Originally Posted by wwjjddd? View Post
not sure exactly what you mean when u say recruiting but i'll list/brainstorm some battlers/drama shit:

Danny Meyers - 12k to battle rex. Have him being conned by rex into paying 12k for an ice cream cone. The Great Cone Con.
jjdd - holocaust denial (obvi)
Queenz Flip - the mother fucker bit ARP
QP#4 - Maury, prostitution
Calico - you could do a scene with him naked in the hot tub lol. learn how to blur out the nudity like on tv, could be really funny
Charron & HFK - daytime television
Goodz - throwing the bottle. you can just have him casually throwing mad bottles
Diz - the man is a surplus of drama but i really would like to see him throwing a beer can and dropkicking a stack of papers.
Illmaculate - wresting with DBD + was he allegedly robbed by woman (hooker?) idk it was referenced in the 2v2 against PoRich & Diaz
PoRich- he drunkenly stole a fan's nachos and that fan posted about it on rmbva.
Diaz - not really drama but he's just so unbelievably cocky. could be funny to see him acting super cocky for no reason while doing his laundry or something. body bagging that laundry. i could see you not wanting to feature him though because it's not like people really know who he is
Franco - idk he's not a really popular guy so you might not be trying to feature him either, but if you do he should def be equipped with a blanket at all times

sry that's a lot of suggestions and idk if this even what you're looking for lol

also, it would be hilarious to someday do like a weird anonymous style testimony interview. like maybe of charron talking about Pat Stay molesting him. like this:

skip to 3:15
@wwjjddd? - has my bases covered!

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