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Announcement RBL SEASON 3:INFO + SIGN-UP (for real)

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RBL SEASON 3:INFO + SIGN-UP (for real)


So since @JShazo got clinical depression just by thinking about running the rbl and since I got some free time now i decided I'd go run the least respected text battle.

Before you freak out, let me finish my little story, it's a lot of boring info but it's really important so stay with me.

Here is how we're gonna do it:

- There will be 8 qualification weeks
- That means max 8 battles per person
- If you don't want to battle 8 weeks straight; no worries. You can sign in/out any time.
-But if you want to qualify for the play-offs you need to battle atleast 5 times
- The top 8/16 (depending on the amount of people participating) will advance to the play-offs
-The play-offs will be a single k.o. phase, meaning if you're really good you'll might have to battle 4-5 more times.

What you need to do if you participate in a qualifier week:

-Write 8 to 12lines for you opponent
-Send your verse to me in a Private message
-Vote and give feedback to atleast half of the battles that week
-Sign in/out for the next week in relevant thread

Questions nobody asked but I answered them anyways

Q: When is the deadline for -this-?
A: All Deadlines will be posted in their respective threads

Q: What if I am at the top of the scoreboard but I've only battles 4 times this season?
A: If i like you and you're not known for noshowing or whatever you might get a pass, but just battle 5 times or more to be sure.

Q:Will there be a prize for the winner of this season?
A: I want there to be a prize so i'll look into it, but I can't promise anything yet

Got questions? Feel free to ask them in this thread

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