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Originally Posted by GASP View Post
My niggas are g's and will shoot you...

This what champions look like, and we don’t look like, you look light
I’m Floyd by you boys battle verses
You Jim Lampley, Larry Merch; nigga, you just talk a good fight

I heard, they rathered Verb in a clash with words
I said word, they have some nerve, he don’t have the nerve
You see, deep in they hearts, the three from the Arc wouldn’t risk gettin snapped with Larry Bird

@riffic with the power invested in me by lorded lux can you change this thread title to "RMBVA Member Gasp Declares Lux The Goat"
Originally Posted by culturedboy View Post
what in the pg-stepping fuck are we doing with Dre Dennis, b?
Originally Posted by riffic View Post
you are the sturdy femurs that keep this forum upright

@I am LIL ILL is the heart

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8217, im gay, racist tthread

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