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Battle MFtastick vs Battlehogg

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We in here
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Seanzo is a vet in their local leagueSeanzo is a vet in their local leagueSeanzo is a vet in their local leagueSeanzo is a vet in their local leagueSeanzo is a vet in their local leagueSeanzo is a vet in their local leagueSeanzo is a vet in their local leagueSeanzo is a vet in their local leagueSeanzo is a vet in their local league
MFtastick vs Battlehogg

Let's fuckin' go

I swear to god this boy finna be dead ock. 40 buck, red tops, pumpin' chest shots
And if he got the vest top, the kick back got the ooz aiming for his dreadlocks
Head shot. sharpshoter named Bret gunning for the hart, it aint leg locks
BANG. lead pop, 3 points leave the back of ya head blew, sonic the hedgehogg

But i dont need the gat to bloody up his suit and tie
Fist will leave his bones shakin like we shootin dice
And if the first hit miss. i do it twice
Put the second in his eye, he lookin for the time
Chopper on both sides of your head, thats knighthood
Then take an axe to your family tree for fire wood
But the 50 cal there if he didnt get it
Fortune cookie, biscuits snappin gon give him the message

You just ran into a dog fight with the top dog
white suit. cig in ya mouth. im a boss hogg
The glocks dont like the stairs they get ta lift up.
Then turn him to nicky minaj and light his wig up

Fuck it! Check It!

Ok First things first you little Kiwi bitch
you called me out so ima bring it, on that real tip
I googled Hammer city bitch… It doesn’t exist
Your from a mythical place on some Lord of the Rings shit

You come from New Zealand. It sux to be you
There’s more sheep in your country than actual people
So it’s safe to say this niggas bout dat farmlife fam
You’re a pedofile… sexually attracted to lambs!

I been busting rhymes for decades, You been sucking dick to get paid
I been rockin steady getting laid, while you been trying to deal with having aids
And that’s how it is you lil Kiwi fruit
Ima turn straight loose and turn this Kiwi to Juice

I just bodied you in 12. But 16 is what we said
So here’s a mandatory gun bar… I’ll shoot you in the head!!!
Real shit son! Smith and Wesson
Equipped to rip your whole clique into sections!

Originally Posted by pityposter View Post
Its called battle rap, not battle skin.
Originally Posted by Water Mage View Post
Hell yeah, about to smoke some weed from my special gandalf replica pipe and watch this
Originally Posted by SpecialOh;

and jewish people dont eat beef so ur definitely not right on that 1
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Lizman User wishes battle rap was all still freestyled

And Don't Vote On My Battle, MFtastick.
Minutes By Lyth
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MFtastick is not the worst person
Originally Posted by Lizman View Post

And Don't Vote On My Battle, MFtastick.
What you mean?
I will eat your fucking face off.
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