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If you havent been booked on URL by now then you really dont matter!

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My Kall is better than Grind Time AustraliaMy Kall is better than Grind Time Australia

Originally Posted by My Kall View Post
Why hasn't either channel had a view battle since 2012? Last year they each had multiple million + views on single videos.

Why are great battles like Bigg K/Illmaculate not on 300,000 views now instead of 150,000?

Why is URL's highest viewed battle at 1.25 million instead of over 3 million like last year?

Maybe the channels get more views because they upload more videos, it's views per battle that matter more.

Battle-rap is not rising in popularity, it's slowly waning for the first time. It's not a declining industry by any means though.

If you've never had a bunch of 500,000-1 million view battles before, you will still get enough exposure on URL to be culturally relevant, but not so much on KOTD and Don't Flop.
I forgot that Don't Flop got more views than any 2013 battle with the proposal when I made that post.
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