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Dirtbag Dan speculation

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Dirtbag Dan speculation

Dear all,

Saw some BOTZ and watch material with DBD and began thinking about the possibility of his return as an active battler.

Haven't watched his show and I'm not a twitter person so idk what his current position is and p sure that he's not interested for the time being, but whenever he is ready to return (and there will be a rise in demand beginning soon) I think there's one opponent that would be perfect, and with only one flaw makes good sense: Dizaster

The flaw is Diz himself, obviously. He would claim to see it as a step down, which it is in some ways, but would truly be motivated by anxiety.

Dizaster's weaknesses complement DBD's strengths, and Dan would be able to bring funny ridicule of Diz's delusion, lies, and conduct

Both known each other for years; a legacy of friction between them; DBD needs a good return to elicit his best and draw a crowd, Diz needs to demonstrate some abilities that have gone neglected for years now; etc.

The question is about whether Dizaster sees a challenge to his inadequancies as a good opportunity or not (this is obvious bait)

Not a battle I would have ever imagined myself anticipating, but it seems like it might be great

am I retarded?
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