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Does it bother you when battle rap seems a little disassociated with hiphop?

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Originally Posted by KBomb View Post
@6000GP same sort of thing, not trying to attack anyone or start a fight, genuine question

How much of ones credibility as a rapper do you think stems from their ties to the traditional cultural aspects of hip hop? Like, from your personal perspective, do you rate an individual as a rapper based more on their technical ability, like delivery, flow, structure, rhyme schemes, ability to "rap", etc, or does it come more from their image/persona they project? If an upper middle class rapper displayed above average ability from a technical standpoint, and didn't make an attempt to appropriate the culture from a content standpoint (i.e. rap about the hood when they've never experienced it), would you rate that individual as talented? Or is it as much about their background and experience as it relates to traditional hip hop? If that makes sense
Fair question. I'm not really here to police things, I'm just here to talk shit on the net... I trust that most people have honestly innocuous intentions when they take part in a culture, hobby, or past-time. That is to say, they're mostly doing it because they think its fun or entertaining, and that's dope, imo. My problem is with people who deliberately try to undermine the traditions or usurp the customs and observations of a culture that they don't identify with, while at the same time practice hate or hold contempt for the people who actually live in and with that culture.

So, to answer your question, credibility comes from being yourself, imo. I don't rate technical ability, AT ALL, when it comes to self-expression. Delivery, flow, structure, etc.. those terms don't matter to me. Not to sound corny, but the act of rapping, beat or no beat, really is a literary and performance art, and as such, creativity trumps all of that. There's kinda an analog or primer for what rapping is or what it should sound like, and it's not a science, but you can kinda tell when something just isn't appealing to your sensibilities. Image and persona do matter, but it's still important to be yourself. Look at Fresco's last battle.. Dude was rapping about fantastical things, but he was more himself than I've ever seen. Never seen dude more comfortable.

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