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  1. Inaugural Audio Battle Thread/Brainstorming session
  2. Who's gonna be the first?
  3. Battle
  4. Announcement RMBVA Presents: Recognize Real
  5. Audio Battle Recognize Real: SpecialOh vs. BPayne
  6. Audio Battle Recognize Real: RickyWatters vs. JackMcCrack
  7. Audio Battle Recognize Real: WhiteNoise vs. Ryan_Nixon
  8. Audio Battle???
  9. songs from when u first started recording urself..
  10. Audio Battle Ekelon vs Mota
  11. Lil ill - i don't owe you shit (trey deuce diss)
  12. audio battle callout
  13. 90 seconds-120 seconds
  14. Ayo...how do I get in on an audio battle?
  15. Audio Battle Psycho Mantis VS Dank Schrader
  16. Calling out...
  17. who wants to battle?
  18. Loc Vs. Lil Ill
  19. LIL ILL VS. LOC Diss track battle
  20. I'll battle of of you homolos
  21. Audio Battle Memphis Vs Dank Schrader
  22. Vote Now! Dank Schrader vs Throwback Mike
  23. Johno's Back
  24. Announcement Audio Tournament
  25. Post our music/vids
  26. LIL ILL VS 18th Letter GunSoBig theORB whatever the fuck
  27. Loc vs Dank Schrader THE SETUP
  28. where to find BEATS
  29. Throwback Mike vs Yagerbomb THE SETUP
  30. Ekelon vs Prelec THE SETUP
  31. I challenge U to a DJ BATTLE
  32. who gun diss me
  33. Lil ill vs laura tarsi (part 2) lol!!!!
  34. PM me once ur timeline + specifics are chosen
  35. Lil ill vs ekelon (battle addict bars)
  36. Lil ill vs danny myers yikes!!!
  37. Thinkin of gettin my audio battle on
  38. Song Battle
  39. No Way Out 32 Bar Cypher JohnoDaRapper
  40. @SpecialOh my diss track is done...
  41. Barzilla vs Johno
  42. LIL ILL VS BARZILLA ( 5 Minutes prep) Body bag
  43. Audio Battle SpecialOh vs LIL ILL **PARODY BATTLE**
  44. SpecialOh Vs Casual
  45. Unofficial Blanco/SpaceCadet/Abstrakt/Verb
  46. The lil ill old school mix
  47. All my Battles on Battle Addict
  48. Audio Battle Dank Schrader vs Loc-did Duck (like Loaded Lux lolololol)
  49. LIL ILL VS THE RAPTURE - Did Duck also (duck dynasty 2.0)
  50. LIL ILL VS LETTERMAN (Didn't Duck) just outta time
  51. Official Audio Battlegrounds: LETTER MAN VS LIL ILL
  52. lil ill
  53. Audio Battle Lil Ill vs Scruff McGruff
  54. Exclusive: LIL ILL - Foot in the Door - album:Redemption coming 2015
  55. LIL ILL - Kush
  56. LIL ILL - @#$% the Police (Aggression Remix)
  57. The Instrumentals List
  58. LIL ILL - Crown Me King
  59. 3pac - 3pacalypse
  60. Throwback Mike vs. Cole The Kid/coleowsuz
  61. Audio Battle Dank Schrader VS Scruff McDuck
  62. Lil ill - chop n' slice
  63. LIL ILL - JINGLE BOOBS (Christmas Rap Song)
  64. after the playoffs
  65. Announcement It's here....
  66. Announcement *RMBVA Audio/Video Battles Presents* Cold Front
  67. OG Bobby Johnson Freestyle by TheFreestyleGOD
  68. Truth About Cold Front...
  69. Blanco14 vs. Coleowsuz
  70. Ekelon Diss (Cold Front Battle Verse)
  71. Audio Battle SFC vs Letterman
  72. lil ILL vs 3PAC
  73. Anyone down for an audio?
  74. Audio Battle Dank Schrader vs. Lil Ill
  75. *New* lil ILL - I'll Let You Know
  76. Call Out
  77. Audio Battle Blanco14 vs Memphis
  78. Got time for 1 more audio before semester starts
  79. Lol ill kill anyone...
  80. LIL ILL - Say What You Mean
  81. Ekelon - LIL ILL (Diss)
  82. Vote Now! Blanco14 vs Trey mothafucking Deuce
  83. LIL ILL - Eat Em Up
  84. Interview with Daylyt (skit)
  85. Scruff McGruff aka Elvis Freshley vs Fresh (Worst Web Cam battle Ever!)
  86. A Colon Cleanse means !
  87. LIL ILL - I Hope You Die (Point.Blank, The Notorious Genasis, Ekelon & OTBVA Diss)
  88. Let's get another one rocking..
  89. The *New* lil ILL Mixtape vol.1
  90. Live battle
  91. @point.blank you stole your style from Joe Cutter
  92. No body wants to catch this heat huh!?
  93. @point.blank you're welcome
  94. Video Event
  95. post all your fuckboy comments here
  96. Letterman Video(vs Mic S)
  97. sign ups for audio tournament
  98. I'm taking my talents to south beach...
  99. Vote Now! Dank Schrader vs. SuckaFreeCashier
  100. Isn't it Friday?
  101. New tracks I made
  102. Bobby's Verse for Point.blanK
  103. Possible Colab Track
  104. VIDEO BATTLE ONE-OFF (sponsored by URL!)
  105. LIL ILL ft. ColetheKid - That's Why They Call Me ILL
  106. Audio Battle Throwback Mike vs. Memphis
  107. This shit dead as a maaahhfukkaa
  108. Audio Battle Dank Schrader vs. Blanco14
  109. lil Ill vs The Chef (Did Duck)
  110. Vote Now! Memphis vs. Trey Mothafucking Deuce
  111. Audio Battle SonnyDaze vs. Dank Schrader
  112. 5Chainz vs LIL ILL (Diss track battle)
  113. I need a warm up!
  114. *Eminem Clone Wannabe* Gets Bodied by LiL iLL
  115. My Homie Young Droopy on the Track
  116. Here comes the boom!
  117. Cypher ft. Dusty Blaze, lil Loko, Young Droopy, LIL ILL (The Truth and Jackal Diss)
  118. Video Battle: LIL ILL Vs. Bino OTBVA Battle
  119. Vote Now! Blanco14 vs. SuckaFreeCashier
  120. put em on blast ron
  121. LIL ILL Coco Remix *(Haters Diss)*
  122. Vote Now! Ron Jereurghmy vs. Blanco14
  123. Video Battle Hype Thread Dank vs Lebron Jereurghmy
  124. Invincible (Audio Cypher)
  125. Is this the forum to post songs?
  126. [BOOTLEG official footage] Suckafreecashier vs Throwback Mike
  127. I Will Do One Audio Battle
  128. well this subforum is a fucking wasteland lol
  129. 🔥🔥🔥new battle drop! 🔥🔥🔥
  130. Audio Battle beastMODE Battles: ROBERTZ VS ARTIFAKT
  131. Audio Battle SONNY DAZE (EGB) vs. WRECKLESS (OTBVA)
  132. Vote Now! Throwback Mike vs SuckaFreeCashier
  133. Fuck Em (Wreckless Diss)
  134. @SpeciaOh Oh Oh Theme
  135. White rapper spitting bars
  136. shit rapper spits crap
  137. RMBeattapeVAers!!!
  138. Lil ill vs showtime
  139. Aftershock + Chetty - AC Slater
  140. Yzzy Kzzy - Chetty + Shockz feat Antifrantik and Prolific
  141. Aftershock - Anomaly freeverse
  142. Phoenix MF Christ - Have 2Deal (LYRIC VIDEO) FT. BOOTH
  143. Summer Madness 8
  144. Rainbow 6 siege team killing song (hilariously funny)
  145. Lizman Ft RA The Rugged Man
  146. A Free Mixtape of Beats