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  1. ****"what would you like to see in the rmbva proving grounds?" discussion thread****
  2. Who want it
  3. *Official* TEXTBATTLEMANIA RM VS OTBVA Check-ins
  4. Ayo who want to battle.
  5. Wow... so
  6. Erik Foreman.
  7. Call out?
  8. who wanna battle?
  9. any1 wanna battul?
  10. *Flossed Out* First Round Predictions Thread
  11. ATTN: battlers who sent me their bars to post
  12. hey guys , i had a lot of fun w/ this text battle stuff , want a challenger ??
  13. Flossed Out - Round 2 Brackets + Predictions!
  14. UPDATE-> so this pu**y made ni**a is gonna text-battle me
  15. im calling out @Sesamill
  16. People who haven't voted enough
  17. Since uuununnnn keeps duckin me..
  18. Friendly Reminder About Vote Cut Off Times and Vote Requirements
  20. Looking For a battle
  21. looking for a battle
  22. Finals: KBomb vs illipsis
  23. alrite so , ux9 is open for business , ready for another battle
  24. Let's get it poppin again... Who's trying to do a sports themed battle?
  25. Announcement *We In Here* Card Match-Ups #1-4 announcements
  26. My WE IN HERE callout
  27. not sure if anyone can handle dis load
  28. [BEEF] fuck yall niggas lets get it
  29. Announcement *We In Here* Card Match-Up 6
  30. Announcement Looking for a Battle? Find an Opponent HERE.
  31. *We In Here* Card Match-Up #7
  32. Announcement Ciroc Presents: *We In Here* Main Event Announcement
  33. Announcement *WE In Here* Card Match-Up #8
  34. Announcement We In Here: Payin Dues
  35. Announcement *We In Here* Card Match-Up #9
  36. [HYPE] [Monday] Dap Punx Battle League presents King Nut vs ux4 nu nx3
  37. Props to the TextBattles mods
  38. Ciroc Presents: *We In Here* PREDICTION THREAD
  39. Text Battle [BEEF] showtimes a fuck boy
  40. @StabYourself #WeInHere blog for @Jimbo Slice battle
  41. Announcement Ciroc Presents: *We In Here* FULL CARD+Dates
  42. Announcement Ciroc Presents: *We In Here* OFFICIAL TRAILER+ 2 announcements
  43. After my battle with Brodeezy, I want Erik or UX9.
  44. Announcement Flossed Out Champ=Champ of textbattles.com section Point Blank Period
  45. OFFICIAL "We In Here" Prediction Thread
  46. We In Here Main Event Interviews
  47. [VIDEO FLYER] [HYPE] Space Cadet vs uuuununnn [MONDAY]
  48. yo uh
  49. I'm bacc
  50. Aero the Apex
  51. soooooooooooooooo that happened
  52. New - Just tryin' to get familiar.
  53. @Seanzo, Let's Get It!
  54. New Card: *Aired Out*
  55. I'm bout to one off at the sneaker store
  56. Announcement *Official Card*: Aired Out Full Line Up
  57. Announcement Aired Out: *Official Prediction Thread*
  58. Text Battle Ass Napkin vs Friedtable
  59. yo guys hiring some ghost writers for brodeezy vs specialoh
  60. niggies need to start voting
  61. yo special
  62. I Apologize to the Text Battle Fans
  63. who wants to text battle vs justin0
  64. Announcement Who is ready for Hell On Earth?
  65. Deadline fans call:Ness Lee Vs ErikForeman... Your guys call on the date
  66. Ness Lee Vs ErikForeman... Your guys call on the date
  67. Announcement "Eastern G Board - Westside Intervention (Shook Ones Pt. III)"
  68. Detour vs Luxcorridor
  69. *TextBattles.com* PRESENT STANDINGS (update your record as necessary)
  70. Announcement Hell On Earth Check In Part 2 (Weedin out these no shows)
  71. Text Battle SpaceCadet vs Justin0
  72. Voting on Hell on Earth
  73. Hell on Earth Scoreboard
  74. Text Battle sign up to get bodied
  75. Text Battle Who wants a battle?
  76. So gboard went undefeated at hell on earth
  77. Jimbo Slice Bars For Brodeezy
  78. Text Battle Sonny Daze call out
  79. Announcement Next Event
  80. Textbattles.com Presents: *Marked Out*
  81. which one of u fagz wanna get torn apart?
  82. Text Battle who down to go 12-16
  83. Looking for another PG battle
  84. Text Battle LOwLIFE Vs Theodocian II
  85. Nobody wants to battle me
  86. who wants it next? apply here
  87. OMG! Shut the fuck up and Battle me if you want 300 views
  88. Open for another battle
  89. Lil ill vs mamsmoke
  90. Calling out kbomb for battle addict battle
  91. Uk vs US event?
  92. ***TextBattles.com 2013 Recap/End of the Year Awards***
  93. who wanna battle the new killa??
  94. From OTBVA
  95. Who wants to battle
  96. Oneduh! Vs FourCast
  97. get widdit
  98. Manik...
  99. RMBVA and Textbattles.com Presents: Flossed Out II (Tournament Registration)
  100. Im in
  101. Call out to Guns so Big
  102. Announcement Flossed Out II: Tournament Rules and Information
  103. calling out Roddy
  104. Flossed Out II First Round Discussion and Prediction Thread
  105. Who got bars right now
  106. get out the street when cars is comin
  107. Flossed Out II Round 2 Discussion and Prediction Thread
  108. When is the next event?
  109. I'm looking for a battle.
  110. Flossed Out II Round Three Discussion and Prediction Thread
  111. Getting Better [Repost From CC]
  112. Flossed Out II Quarterfinals Discussion and Prediction Thread
  113. Flossed Out II - Best Bars So Far
  114. I'm up for battling anyone
  115. Announcement Future of Text Battling on This Site
  116. Yo anybody up for a 16 bar battle?
  117. Cut bars go here...
  118. Flossed Out II Semi Finals Discussion and Prediction Thread
  120. Text Battle DBag vs. CallMeRFP!
  121. Lets get an event mayne
  122. Prelectricity battle me!
  123. Announcement Flossed Out II Finals Event Thread and Sign Up
  124. Yo rmbva text crew idea
  125. Payday the Heist Poetry Jam
  126. Address your theme you will use at the Flossed out event
  127. Announcement *TextBattles.com Presents: Tier Drop*
  128. I wanna try a bad bars battle.
  129. Looking for any kind of battle
  130. Announcement *Ciroc Presents* Hell On Earth II....BAOW!!
  131. Thoughts on A Text Battle League?
  132. Post the best Tier Drop bars
  133. Flossed Out II: Best Overall Battle
  134. Biggest Upset of Flossed Out II
  135. Best Individual Performance From Flossed Out II
  136. Announcement Hell on Earth The Draft
  137. Announcement Hell on Earth Matchup Arrangements LIVE
  138. Team Zo Discussion Thread
  139. Announcement Hell on Earth Matchups and Stipulations
  140. Hell On Earth II Prediction Thread
  141. Team VNigga. let me start this off
  142. Official Trailer (lol) Team Vnigga vs Team Hoes +Crank lasers
  143. yo
  144. LIL ILL vs. Dank Schrader
  145. Announcement Judges for Hell on Earth 2
  146. Announcement Flossed Out II Champion: Seanzo
  147. Welcome the newest crew to RMBVA
  148. Announcement Hell On Earth II Day One Discussion Thread
  149. Yo, taking a hiatus to work on my mixtape....
  150. Should I change my name?
  151. Announcement Hell On Earth II Day Two Discussion Thread
  152. When is someone going to address Vanilla's drug problem?
  153. Announcement Hell on Earth II Results (Community voting info inside)
  154. Hell On Earth II Day Three Disscusion
  155. Help choose Vanilla's avatar, signature and user title (Team Zo Victory Party)
  156. Announcement Hell On Earth II Day Four Discussion Thread
  157. I would like to be signed up for the next event if possible.
  158. Hell On Earth II Best Bars
  159. Announcement *TextBattles.com Presents: TIME CRISIS* Sign up period over
  160. Who
  161. Who wants to battle?
  162. Announcement Time Crisis Round 1 Sign Up *Battles Now Posted*
  163. Let's clear up the confusion: how long is a bar really? (evidence inside)
  164. Announcement Time Crisis Round 2 Sign Up For Times *Battles Posted*
  165. anyone wanna battle?
  166. Announcement Time Crisis Round 3 Sign Up
  167. Who gives the best breakdowns?
  168. Announcement Time Crisis Semi-finals Sign-up *Battles Posted: GO VOTE*
  169. The CallOut
  170. Got Blanco ducking his bodybag. Anyone want to catch feelings?
  171. TB Battle League
  172. Current Main Stage Standings (Point System)
  173. Fuck Boy Ya Butt Moist
  174. Anyone interested in battle addict for the 23rd?
  175. You New Jersey Faggot!
  176. battle me or you're gay
  177. Announcement The Come Up II Official Announcement and Sign Up
  178. Announcement The Come Up II Official Card
  179. Why the text scene is whack MOST of the time
  180. Callout!
  181. Help me take it back to the basics
  182. Open discussion on judging text battles
  183. Anyone wanna spar?
  184. Looking for a bad bars battle.
  185. who wanna battle?
  186. How to win textbattle [HACK] [APRIL 2014] Free download! No Surveys!
  187. Blanco
  188. Announcement We in Here II *Battles Posted!*
  189. Lack of judging?
  190. I suck.
  191. Who ya beefin' Wit?
  192. Hi blanco
  193. Opportunity Of A Lifetime
  194. Srsly Guise
  195. Ill Magic
  196. My retiring from TextBattles
  197. Help meh
  198. Call out
  199. Come Battle me
  200. Anyone...
  201. SuckerFreeCashier 16 lines
  202. Judging bad bar text battles...
  203. [PDT]We In Here II: Post-Discussion Talk
  204. ****TEXTBATTLES.COM EXCLUSIVE**** RMBVA's Top 10 Text Battles: The Preview
  206. anyone want to write poems about eachother?
  207. ***TEXTBATTLES.COM PRESENTS: RMBVA'S TOP 10 TEXT BATTLES*** #9: "2nd Round Standoff"
  208. bad bars
  209. New Opponents Address Yourselves Here!
  210. Prelectricity Call-Out
  211. Anyone wanna battle? 12 bars
  213. who wanna punch around?
  214. Upcoming themed event
  215. snack pack rack black sack stack knack
  216. You would think I would learn
  217. top 10 text battlers on here?
  218. call out
  220. Text Battle 7 bars?
  221. Oh We The Baddest: The Cypher
  222. Need a rhyme?
  223. Call out
  224. Bad bahhhz callout for da stahhhz
  225. ***TextBattles.com Presents: Spring Cleaning (PG Event)***
  226. A text theory judging style
  227. if you have to explain your shit or post links with your bars
  228. Don't be an imitator yall.
  229. Important Read FOR SPRING CLEANING
  231. SuckaFreeCashier
  232. Hello 'Nilla
  233. BlancoNigga, get in here.
  234. What Text Battles Could Use
  235. Promotion Oh We The Baddest Cypher: Eastern G Board (EGB)
  236. Stickies
  237. Promotion Oh We The Baddest Cypher: Alf Gang
  238. Promotion Oh We The Baddest Cypher: Disciples of Zain Azrai
  239. Promotion Oh We The Baddest Cypher: Trilla Beasts
  240. Promotion Oh We The Baddest Cypher: Black Panthers
  241. So, its time
  242. Message (Bars) to Dank Shchnader
  243. Altaire's Carnage
  244. Dank Schrader...
  245. Wanna beat me?
  246. How do i get a battle?
  247. 2v2 tournament
  248. Top 5 Relevant Textcees
  249. Oh Hey Sexy.
  250. i got the urge to kill