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  1. dirt aint ready for these bars...not at all...
  2. Detour gets aired out by Vakill for biting lines from him.
  3. New Detour Vlog - Addressing Vakill and TheSaurus
  4. I've caught the Fal Fauthor curse.
  5. lush one makes threats on facebook to luxcorridor
  6. hahahahahaha x factor is NOT the father...
  7. The Saurus informs Charron of his corniness
  8. cortez vs yung ill would be a classic...9
  9. "Bargate" - Does anybody seriously care about this shit? Arcane still #2 in Canada
  10. Which Battle Rappers are Atheists?
  11. I'm battling Sonny on Battle Addict..
  12. LIL ILL vs Ekelon the Final Battle
  13. Peace Out Culture!
  14. LushOne dressing like DONFLAMINGO fucked GOLDUST is a bad look for HIPHOP!
  15. why are you guys so hung up on race?
  16. *The Come Up II Day One* Bobby Lee Swag vs baldjewishman
  18. Ok so... another SMACK/URL event gets shut down
  19. Should Bulletz have N-word privileges?
  20. BATTLE RAP PHILOSOPHY: White people vs Black people --- WHO WINS?
  21. I would like to rescind Caustic's invitation to Willy for a phone interview
  22. Aye Verb talks about Mike Brown & Ferguson situation
  23. me n this girl
  24. **FOR THE SAKE OF THIS SITE** ps: you're welcome
  25. Krack City drysnitchin all over the net...
  26. Which rappers would throw up and cry if they actually had to shoot someone?
  27. please remove Seanzo from mod.
  28. PSA: The Fresh Coast is NOT the West Coast (brought to you by BJM)
  29. Hitchslap Harassment/Racism #2
  30. We Gonna Act like Laura Tarsi aint a DIME ?? (UPDATE: HOT NEW PIC pg.37)
  31. Road to Ether Episode 1
  32. Why isnt lush one at the kotd battles anymore
  33. KOTD Tried to Sell MASSacre PPVs Disguised as NOME5 PPVs
  35. Is Nikiya the biggest Mark in battle rap?
  36. Throw on a costume, toss a few asian jokes and you have....
  37. Wait...Daylyt smashed Laura Tarsi too?!
  38. black privilge in battle rap
  39. So are We Over the Caddy Ron Sympathy?
  40. It's a shame clowns like Senzo and Luke are on KOTD payroll to do damage control.
  41. Is Fresco secretly/openly a Donald Trump supporter?
  42. Original Content Beards and Battles: KOTD and the Charron vs HFK Debacle
  43. Is JJDD denying the holocost?
  44. KOTD's Kike T-Shirt! Fire Streetwear 2k16
  45. Realiztic on Suicide Watch
  46. Realiztic "you goin to jail now..." *Lux voice*
  47. Dr.Dre weighs in on Hollow/Math battle...