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Conversation Between Feral Linguist and sleeping dogs

Conversation Between Feral Linguist and sleeping dogs
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  1. sleeping dogs
    05-10-2020 09:22 PM
    sleeping dogs
    same to you much respect. yeah, i used to check otbva for the occasional bootleg now i can't remember the last time looked. crazy remembering the beef back from the rapmusic days and now both websites are a husk of their former selves. i've never really looked at the reddit but i imagine its similar to the talkback group lol.
  2. Feral Linguist
    05-10-2020 02:06 PM
    Feral Linguist
    cheers captain, nice to get em off, not much to see on otbva these days and reddit is unbearable. appreciating your honest discourse as well
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